Thursday, 11 January 2018

It's a New Dawn a New Day a New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

Since my last post in November the temperatures have plummeted to unbelievably cold (my own technical term for -39), we've gotten a bazillion inches (another technical term) of snow, and are now about to get freezing rain.  Goody.  I love a challenge.  With my frozen shoulder, taking Lola for a walk has become somewhat of a test.  All 65 lbs. of her is excited and raring to go at breakneck speed and I'm somewhat less than breakneck.  I'm what you'd consider to be a dawdler at this stage, assessing every step for ice and foot traction.  The last thing I need at this point I to be careening over the ice and snow with abandon, with my shoulder recklessly at the mercy of whatever position I am unfortunate to land in. So, needless to say, our walks are few and far between.  On a positive note, for me at least, I have more time to stay indoors and write.  I have quite a number of weddings coming up and I am going to attempt to get ahead of the game and write the ceremonies early.  This gives me time to rewrite, edit, improve, discard and whatever else needs to be done before each big day.

My first wedding is coming up quickly in February.  It will be a small affair with only a small circle of friends and family.  From then on I have a couple in March, none in April, one in May, and a couple in each month after that.  None so far have any themes, so I don't have to go searching for new Star Wars quotes or elf lord vows.  It's something I love to do though and would welcome the opportunity should one arise.

So begins my composing.  Margaret Atwood or Stephen King I'm not.  But I do have my own quirky style. And I enjoy every minute of it.  Off I go!

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