Tuesday, 31 December 2019

40 Blog Ideas for 2020

It’s the last day of 2019 and I want to wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.  And I also want to complain and apologize just a bit.  I haven’t kept up this blog as much as I have wanted to and I am sorry for that, but writing a blog is hard!  Coming up with new ideas, and being witty and informative is tough.  So, I have decided to put together a list of potential topics to write, post the list, and proceed to write weekly about a topic on the list.  So, here’s the list and a big thanks to many many other bloggers out there who have shared their lists.  I have used some of their ideas and added some of mine.

Bonnie’s 2020 List of Blog Ideas

1.       People who have had the biggest impact your my life
2.       The thing that refreshes your soul
3.       Your greatest wish.
4.       How your faith/spirituality has changed over the years.
5.       The legacy of your parents/grandparents/brother/sister.
6.       When a spouse doesn’t share your ideas.
7.       Biggest struggles you’re facing
8.       Date night ideas.
9.       Your quiet time routine.
10.   Your bucket list.
11.   Most difficult lesson to learn.
12.   What newlyweds should know.
13.   Funniest things to happen at a wedding.
14.   Favourite song and why.
15.   The biggest myth about Christmas.
16.   Something you learned from a child.
17.   How you forgave the unforgiveable.
18.   What you struggle with most.
19.   What song you want played at your funeral and why.
20.   The power of being silent.
21.   How to get out of a personal/creative funk.
22.   Things you learned from your dog.
23.   Breaking fear issues.
24.   What would you love to learn how to do.
25.   How to travel on a budget.
26.   The joy of rescuing an animal.
27.   Grandparenting.
28.   How to be a real and true friend.
29.   Weight and diet issues.
30.   Food.
31.   Ghosts, are they real?
32.   Bacon.
33.   Recipes that will blow your mind.
34.   Cheese.
35.   Best of Twitter.
36.   Write a thank you note to a thing (like coffee or chocolate)
37.   Write a review on something you just read, saw, did.
38.   Write a how-to on something you’re good at or not.
39.   Why you’re not giving up a bad habit.
40.   A little bit about the town you grew up in.

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