Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Love Your Dog

We got Lola as a rescue when she was four months old.  She is now a year old and still has the same exuberance, the same goofy innocence and the same all in kind of love that she had when we adopted her.  The only difference is that she is now 50 lbs. larger.

But the thing with Lola is that she loves with all her heart and soul.  When I lie down for a nap in the afternoon she must accompany me and wrap her long long front legs around my neck and nuzzle into my face.  When I leave the room and come back, she greets me as if I've been gone for years.  When I watch TV, she must sit on the couch beside me and offer commentary should a dog happen to be on the program.  Her commentary is very loud.  If I have visitors she must greet them, preferably face to face to give them many many kisses.  I have to tell you that not everyone likes being slobbered on by a 60 lb. maniac.  But she is easily distracted.

But Lola is also very patient with me.  We are still in the training phase and I don't always get it right.  Yes, it is I who is being trained.  Her sits and downs are excellent, but her stays and comes leave a lot to be desired. I am supposed to get her to stay in a down position for about 10 seconds, tell her she's a good girl and then give her a treat.  If I forget the treat Lola will get up and sit over by the treat jar very patiently till I get the message.  It's the same with the come command.  When she comes I'm supposed to praise her a lot and then give her a treat.  It is not unusual for her to come, notice that there is no treat and, yes, wander over to the treat jar and wait patiently for her treat.  So, yes, she is very patient.

So we will continue our training and both Lola and I will get better at it.  While we're training I'll talk to her like a person does and she'll keep it all to herself.  I can tell her anything and it never goes any further.  I like that in a friend.  And Lola is a true friend.  One I will treasure all the days of her life and after.

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