Friday, 13 January 2017

Try Something New. You Might Like It.

I think I might be a good example of this.  After working in the real estate industry for decades I did a complete about face and, at the tender young age of 65, I became a minister.  Yes, a minister.

I have always wanted to be of service in one form or another.  That is why I stayed in real estate for so long.  I wanted to help people realize their dreams of home ownership; to guide them in their important decisions and to make achieving their dreams an easy, joyful experience.  I loved every minute of it and made some very good, enduring friendships along the way.

But I felt it was time to move on.  So, with the support of my family I embarked on this ministerial path.  I felt being a minister was more in tune with what I felt in my heart.  I'm a very spiritual person to begin with.  So, now I can focus on helping more people - not just homeowners or home seekers.

Part of this new path is training my dog, Lola, to be a therapy dog.  It is my hope that I can take her to senior's residences, hospitals, schools and wherever a loving dog is needed.  It has been my biggest challenge so far.  While Lola is a sweet, loving personality, she is also a stubborn and very smart little canine.  The key is consistency, and I guess that is what I have to learn.  But like all learning opportunities, I welcome this challenge as my "doing something for the first time".

I will keep you posted along this learning path with Lola so you can see the progress.  It will also be a good reminder for me how far we've come.  So, stay tuned.

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